A home assessment helps to determine a property’s value necessary for prospective buying and selling options. A Home appraisal helps one to compare with similar properties when analyzing and contemplating a sale or purchase. Therefore, interested property sellers or buyers should comprehend the process to prepare accordingly because an appraiser considered certain aspects. Here are crucial aspects that home appraisers concentrate more on.

The Home’s General Condition

The home appraiser first assesses the general features of a home. Therefore, they check construction materials, general property appearance as well as alarming physical features that can affect habitability. Home appraisers scan the overall upkeep like; leaking faucets, damaged floors, missing or broken door handles, broken appliances, windows ripped carpeting, and cracked walls among other issues. Be sure to address any water damage before the appraisal. 


Appraisers also consider the home location because it influences the overall value. For example, they determine the home’s nearness to schools, police stations, and hospitals among other basic amenities. Proximity to busy roads and foreclosed, owner-occupied, and renter-occupied properties are considered. Home appraisers also consider the neighborhood to determine whether it is a rural or urban area. All these location aspects among others determine a home’s value.

A Home’s Age

Many people are unconcerned about a property’s home until it looks completely worn out. However, home appraisers mind the age because there are benefits and drawbacks of owning or selling a new or an old home. Therefore, home appraisers do not just evaluate the new ones because some buyers and sellers target all available homes regardless of age. In some cases, the older homes appear more maintained than new ones. Therefore, a home’s age influences the evaluation process accordingly.

A Home’s Exterior

Home appraisers review the property’s exterior features to determine whether they are structurally sound or not. These experts look for water damage among other issues like cracked chimneys or even leaning away. Home appraisers also assess the roof quality because it influences a home’s purchase or sale value. The evaluator also inspects the siding, deck, porch, and garage among other exterior aspects including exterior drainage

A Home’s Interior

Unlike the exterior aspects, the appraiser inspects the home interiors more because potential buyers focus on how comfortable they are. Therefore, home appraisers determine the condition of bathrooms and bedrooms as well as the basement, crawl, or attic space available. They also evaluate the foundation type as well as the windows, walls, and flooring materials. Cosmetic details are not considered, but they consider electrical elements.


Home appraisers are comprehensive because they want to quote a price tag consistent with the market and one that prospective buyers and sellers accept. Therefore, they consider the above-discussed aspects among others to make informed decisions.

What Real Estate Appraisers Look at During an Appraisal