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4 Creative and Affordable Ways to Attract Quality Tenants to Your Rental Property

As a landlord, you must acquire profit from your initial property investment. The only way to achieve this is by acquiring tenants for your rental property. Like any other business, you’ll require customers for you to achieve your main objectives.

Finding or retaining tenants has never been an easy task, and you won’t receive any returns from a space. Therefore, it would be best to work your way to find quality tenants for your apartments or houses. That said, here are some creative and cost-effective ways to find and appeal to potential tenants.

Define Your Tenant Criteria

Before listing your property for rental, it is important to evaluate the type of tenant you want. This way, you can determine your potential market and narrow down your search filters. Thus, you can know what details to include in your listing and ensure your communication is clear.

Consequently, you should be ready with policies surrounding pets on the property, smoking, and tenant qualifications. Hence, you can have an efficient process when listing and reviewing clients and avoid unnecessary conflicts.

Quality Photography

It is imperative to have clear and quality images of the property for listing. The pictures should give the potential tenants a virtual tour and a chance to picture themselves on the property. Thus, find an affordable professional photographer to help with capturing and editing.

The pictures paint a picture in the tenants’ minds of what to expect and capture their attention. Ensure you lighten your space and add furniture to create a sense of authenticity that creates an aesthetic appeal. You can choose to hire photography services or take a quality short video with your phone. You can also go the extra mile and create a video tour of the place or a virtual tour that levels up the listing.

Property Staging

Hold property staging events to showcase the property and take the tenants on a physical tour. Ensure you have someone present who can take the tenants through the property and pitch for you. This way, you can have a better chance to converse with the potential tenants and learn a few things about them.

Regular Maintenance

Maintenance is key to sustaining your property’s appeal. Regular maintenance allows you to identify issues early prevent costly repairs and drive away tenants. Nobody wants to rent a property with issues, and it’s essential to keep your property in check.

That said, focus on routine cleaning and conducting repairs to ensure the property is always ready for staging. Also, it assures tenants that the property is in proper condition, and they shouldn’t expect any issues should they move in. 

You can learn about your market to know what tenants look for in a property in your area. This way, you can add fixtures that are highly sought by different types of tenants. Determine the type of fixtures that will increase your rental property value and ensure you have a constant rental income stream.


Tips and Tricks for Boosting Curb Appeal

Your home’s curb appeal determines how much your house stands out in the neighborhood and its overall value. Most people spend a significant amount of time inside, which can make it easy to neglect the front of the house with the features that are on display. If you want to boost your home’s curb appeal, there are a few important tips and tricks to consider to transform its appearance.

Clean Windows and Exterior Surfaces

Dirt, dust, and mold can make your home’s siding look old and dingy. A driveway with oil stains and years of collected dirt will detract from your home’s curb appeal. The appearance of fences and decks is also a big part of the impression your house gives from the street. There are exterior cleaning specialists who can take care of all of these problems and give your curb appeal a big boost. Regular window cleaning can instantly boost your home’s curb appeal by allowing natural light to shine through and showcasing your property’s cleanliness and well-maintained appearance.

Install New Features

Over time, the mailbox and address numbers can start to wear down and appear dingy due to frequent exposure to the elements. It’s important to replace the items to brighten up the exterior of your home and make it look new again. Consider replacing your address numbers or repainting them to ensure they’re visible. You can also add new lights on your porch to ensure they’re updated and contemporary.

Add Potted Plants

You can freshen up your porch by adding potted plants with colorful flowers. This will add a cozy touch to the setting and will prevent it from looking bare. Consider using the same pot and plant on each side of the front door to make it look uniform.

Install an Arch

One of the best ways to make your home look beautiful and inviting is by installing an arch at the foot of your walkway near the sidewalk. You can even add flowers or vines that can grow up the arch to create a classic design that never goes out of style. The arch will instantly boost your curb appeal and will look beautiful with all types of landscapes.

Paint Your Front Door

If you want to makeover the exterior of your home, consider giving your front door a facelift by repainting it. Choose a color that pops and enhances the visual appeal of the building. Some of the top color shades for front doors include yellow, black, and red. The paint should complement the color scheme of your home and transform the door to ensure it looks new again.

If your door is weak and doesn’t feel sturdy, consider installing a new door that features new hardware and even windows. The windows will look charming and will add extra character to the house. They’ll even allow more natural light to flood into the entryway of your home and will allow you to enjoy a well-lit area.

Understanding the best ways to boost your curb appeal will allow you to show off your property, especially if you plan to sell it soon. It will also boost your home’s value and allow you to create a welcoming setting for your visitors.


What Real Estate Appraisers Look at During an Appraisal

A home assessment helps to determine a property’s value necessary for prospective buying and selling options. A Home appraisal helps one to compare with similar properties when analyzing and contemplating a sale or purchase. Therefore, interested property sellers or buyers should comprehend the process to prepare accordingly because an appraiser considered certain aspects. Here are crucial aspects that home appraisers concentrate more on.

The Home’s General Condition

The home appraiser first assesses the general features of a home. Therefore, they check construction materials, general property appearance as well as alarming physical features that can affect habitability. Home appraisers scan the overall upkeep like; leaking faucets, damaged floors, missing or broken door handles, broken appliances, windows ripped carpeting, and cracked walls among other issues. Be sure to address any water damage before the appraisal. 


Appraisers also consider the home location because it influences the overall value. For example, they determine the home’s nearness to schools, police stations, and hospitals among other basic amenities. Proximity to busy roads and foreclosed, owner-occupied, and renter-occupied properties are considered. Home appraisers also consider the neighborhood to determine whether it is a rural or urban area. All these location aspects among others determine a home’s value.

A Home’s Age

Many people are unconcerned about a property’s home until it looks completely worn out. However, home appraisers mind the age because there are benefits and drawbacks of owning or selling a new or an old home. Therefore, home appraisers do not just evaluate the new ones because some buyers and sellers target all available homes regardless of age. In some cases, the older homes appear more maintained than new ones. Therefore, a home’s age influences the evaluation process accordingly.

A Home’s Exterior

Home appraisers review the property’s exterior features to determine whether they are structurally sound or not. These experts look for water damage among other issues like cracked chimneys or even leaning away. Home appraisers also assess the roof quality because it influences a home’s purchase or sale value. The evaluator also inspects the siding, deck, porch, and garage among other exterior aspects including exterior drainage

A Home’s Interior

Unlike the exterior aspects, the appraiser inspects the home interiors more because potential buyers focus on how comfortable they are. Therefore, home appraisers determine the condition of bathrooms and bedrooms as well as the basement, crawl, or attic space available. They also evaluate the foundation type as well as the windows, walls, and flooring materials. Cosmetic details are not considered, but they consider electrical elements.


Home appraisers are comprehensive because they want to quote a price tag consistent with the market and one that prospective buyers and sellers accept. Therefore, they consider the above-discussed aspects among others to make informed decisions.

Preventative Maintenance to Retain Your Home’s Value

Homeownership comes with both rewards and heavy responsibilities. Some of those responsibilities lead back to rewards if done correctly. Specifically, preventive maintenance on your home helps retain your home’s value. Here are some preventive maintenance tasks you should do, when you should do them, and the monetary value that results later on.

Roof and Eavestroughs

Your roof protects everything under it, including the foundation of your house. It keeps wind, rain, hail, snow, and ice from collecting inside the house and damaging it. Roof maintenance tasks include clearing and cleaning gutters (eavestroughs), cleaning shingles, removing tree limbs, leaves, and other debris to prevent rot, and fixing, repairing, and/or replacing sections of the roof if they peel up or begin to leak.

The gutters should be cleaned twice a year unless you get special gutter covers installed. Then you don’t need to clean them. The gutter covers stop debris from collecting and rotting in the gutters, a problem that can cause rot to begin under the eaves and spread to your attic and ceilings on the second floor. Older people or people who can’t climb ladders to clean the gutters are often willing to pay more for a house that is low-maintenance with features like gutter covers.

Draining the Water Heater Annually

A lot of homeowners don’t realize that a water heater has to be emptied and drained annually. Doing so helps remove a lot of mineral sediment and rust that collects at the bottom of the water heater. Some of the sediment can end up in your pipes and create more plumbing problems throughout the house.

You can extend the life of the plumbing and of the water heater itself by simply turning a valve at the bottom of the water heater and letting it drain completely once a year. Plumbing and a water heater that are in excellent condition help retain your home’s value because they will not need to be replaced by the buyer for some time.

HVAC Maintenance

Maintaining your ventilation heating and cooling is essential to retaining your home’s value. Outdated or worn-out systems will drive down a home’s selling price. A bit of routine maintenance such as regularly replacing filters and having a system inspection every year will ensure that your HVAC system will keep running well and have a long life.

Checking and Maintaining the Electrical System

Electrical fires occur because homeowners don’t realize that there are bare wires and live wires in places where it is dangerous to have these wires (e.g., the attic, in the walls, etc.). Have an electrician check your electrical system every couple of years, and make any electrical repairs. Updating the electrical work in your home to accommodate smaller appliances and lights while decreasing the chance of an electrical fire is always smart. It ensures personal safety for owners for years to come and increases the value because there is enough electricity to support everything electrical in the home.



How to Avoid the Hidden Costs of Selling a House

Hidden costs On the broken wall

The Secret to Avoiding Hidden Costs

Selling a house can be a very challenging and expensive endeavor. However, it doesn’t have to be if you know how to avoid hidden costs and know the secrets behind those costs. For example, closing costs tend to be much larger for a city or suburban home than for a small town or countryside home. San Jose, California, currently comes in first with an average of over $83,000, and St. Louis comes in last at just over $10,000.

People often mistakenly think that selling to a realtor will get them the most money. However, they often don’t consider the commission fees of up $30,000 if they plan to take care of repairs before moving. If you go ahead and sell as-is, many investment companies are willing to buy any house for cash offers regardless of what condition it’s in.

Why selling to an investor might be the better choice:

-They don’t do commission fees

Commission fees are the biggest expense for home sales. They make up to six percent of the sales price on top of up to five percent of closing costs. Depending on your location, this often means thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars. However, investors don’t do commissions and often significantly reduce closing costs. They also don’t charge more for repair services.

-No Loans or Mortgages Involved

Most layman buyers have to go through a process of taking out mortgages to be able to afford the home. Taking out loans is always a very uncertain process as different agencies and banks have different requirements. Some go as far as to require careful inspections and appraisals, which often require the seller to make certain repairs and lower the selling price. Also, if you have poor credit, you’re usually out of luck. You don’t have to worry about any of that with an investor.

-You Close Much Faster

There are usually many requirements with realtors, such as inspections or repairs, before you can close. As a result, it can take up to a month to close with them. On the other hand, investors don’t inspect or require repairs since they buy homes as-is. Therefore, they can close in as little as a week or however much time it takes for you to get your stuff moved out of your old home and into your new one.


Since realtors show houses to potential buyers ahead of time, your home must first be show-ready. Then the next thing you know, a bunch of strangers will be parading in and out of it. If you’re a landlord who’s stepping down from taking rent from an investment property, you also may not want to make your tenants resent you by disturbing them.

Avoid unnecessary replacement and repair costs

You might think that every little thing needs to be repaired or replaced when you are selling your home, but this is not always the case. For instance, you probably don’t need to replace your carpeting. It is much cheaper to hire a carpet cleaning service and make it look like new. 

It’s probably not a great idea to do major renovations to your home before selling as you are not likely to get the ROI you are expecting. Carefully think about what to fix and what not to fix. 

With ever-increasing housing costs these days, having an investor buying your home as-is may be the better option for most people. It cuts down on the hassles of repair costs, and you don’t have to wait a whole month to close.


5 Tips for Selling a Home in the Winter Months

Think you have to wait until Spring to sell your home? Think again! The winter months are actually the best time of year to list and sell a house. This is because many people want to buy homes, but they don’t want the hassle of mowing lawns or shoveling snow. Plus, there’s less competition for buyers during this time. Here are five tips that will help you get your house on the market and sold in no time!

  1. Clear the Path

Not only will potential buyers want to see the house during the winter months, but they’ll also want actually to drive up to it. This means that you’ll need to clear your driveway and shovel any snow near the front door path. If you’re not able-bodied yourself, this can be an excellent opportunity to hire out for help.

  1. Prepare the House

If you’re not updating your house for purchase, there is no need to make any updates or renovations. However, if you plan to make some changes before selling your home, it’s a great idea to have those completed by wintertime. This way, buyers won’t be distracted from the potential of your home when they arrive. Be sure that you have all regular home maintenance projects such as power washing done before the weather turns cooler. 

  1. Price it Right

It’s important to price your house competitively to sell it quickly. For best results, have your real estate agent run a comparative market analysis, so you know the right price range to list at. Also, don’t be afraid to give an asking price that is lower than the market value. This will attract more buyers to your listing.

  1. Get it on the Market ASAP

Winter is a busy season for real estate agents, so make sure you list your home as soon as possible. If you leave it on the market too long, another eager seller will snatch up your potential buyers and beat you to the punch! That’s why it’s best to list your home anywhere between December-February.

5. Be Flexible

Of course, you want to sell your house as soon as possible, but that doesn’t mean you should be unreasonable about the sale. If you’re unwilling to lower the price or wait until February, buyers may pass your home up for someone more flexible. Be willing to make allowances and concessions, and you’ll sell your home in no time.


The winter months might not sound like the best time to sell a house, but they’re actually one of the best. If you follow these tips and advice, you’ll be able to get your home on the market and sell faster than ever before!


Home Staging Tips and Tricks Used by the Pros

If you want to sell your home fast, there are many home staging tips and tricks that the pros use that can help you. You want to make your home be as appealing as possible to potential buyers. The goal is to sell your home faster and for as much money as possible.

First Impressions

First impressions matter when it comes to selling your home. It is important to focus on curb appeal. Make sure that the front of your home looks clean and welcoming. If you can, add some flowers to your space to brighten it up. You should also add chairs to your front porch if you have enough room so that your outdoor living area is expanded.


Get Rid of Clutter

Inside of your home, make sure that you get rid of clutter. If there are items lying around that do not need to be there, remove them. You want your space to feel as large as possible. By removing your stuff, you can help your home to look bigger and better.


Help Your Home Look Less Personal

You want potential buyers to feel like your home could be theirs. It is important to remove photographs and other items that show that the home is yours. Focus on making your home look charming and inviting so that someone else can make it theirs


Have Less Furniture

You want to have a space that is easy to move around in, so get rid of excess furniture. By having just what you need, you can make it easier for people to move around and notice your home. Along with making your rooms look bigger, you are also going to be able to make the best parts of your home stand out this way. You should make sure that areas like fireplaces are not blocked. You want people to see them and enjoy them.


Clean Your Home

Finally, the best way to stage your home is to clean it like never before. When people walk into your door, you want them to feel welcomed. Any dirty spots of your home will turn buyers away, so be sure to clean every inch of it thoroughly. Clean carpets and floors are especially important. Hire a Thornton, CO carpet cleaning service to come and make them look brand new! 


Help your home look like someone else’s dream home, by staging it. You can feel good knowing that others will be able to imagine themselves living happily in your home. If you want to sell your home as quickly as possible, make sure that it looks its best.

5 Things That Will Decrease Your Home’s Value

Your home is a big investment. Because of this, you want to do all that you can in order to improve its value. Unfortunately, there are actually five things that will decrease the value of your home.


Putting Off Maintenance

Your home will need maintenance from time to time, and it may end up being costly. You might be tempted to try to save money by putting off home maintenance for as long as possible. However, this will end up costing you in the long run as it will decrease the value of your home. It’s a good idea to fix issues as they arise. It will be well worth the cost in order to keep your home’s value from plummeting.

Poor Landscaping

The landscaping of your home doesn’t just affect how the outside area looks. If it isn’t in good condition, then it can affect your home’s value. This is why you need to keep up with gardens, trim trees, and cut the grass on a regular basis. If you don’t have time to do these things, then you really should spend the money to pay someone to do them.

Bad Workmanship

Many homeowners like to make repairs and upgrades themselves as it can save them money. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always go as planned. If the workmanship is poor, it can bring down your home’s value. You are better off leaving it up to the professionals unless you are fully capable of making the repairs and upgrades yourself.

Water Damage

There are all sorts of things that can cause water damage in the home such as a busted pipe, leaking toilet, or hole in the roof. If these issues aren’t dealt with quickly, they can lead to water damage. A water leak can also cause mold to grow which can lead to thousands of dollars worth of damage. Contact a water damage repair company in your area to get the problem dealt with as soon as possible. 


Outdated Interiors

Many homeowners are surprised to find that the interior of their home affects the overall value of it. Outdated interiors can bring down a home’s value as well as bright or unique colors. Homeowners are better off choosing neutral tones and updating their interiors on a regular basis if they want their home value to increase.


In conclusion, there are all sorts of things that can affect the value of your home. If you are worried about the value of your home decreasing, keep the above information in mind. While you can’t do anything about certain things like the location of your home or the size of your property, you can still do a lot of things that will increase your home’s value.

The Top 5 Benefits of Investing in Real Estate

Real Estate

Income has always been dependent on the market conditions and the success of a business. Circumstances might change with time; so, it is important to have the best exit plan from the current employment period. If you are an entrepreneur, the position you are in might be affected by the decisions you make. Take some time to contemplate the different applications of the option you have chosen for the business plan. But not everything might work the way you anticipated. Try to invest your income wisely in order to make more money in the future.

funds invested

When you have funds invested in certain areas, the money is safe enough to give returns at regular intervals. Real estate is one of the best fields to invest in, considering the rapid growth it has witnessed over the past decade. Many people prefer putting money into real properties to the stock market because the conditions are never too risky. They might also have various other reasons for this decision. Here are some of the benefits of investing in real estate.

1.      Passive Income

Dividend-paying stocks distribute the money among the investors as a form of income at the end of every month. Real estate also works in a similar way, but with real rental properties, you will have even better cash flow. The greatest benefit of choosing this option is that you only need to invest in the property and hire a local property manager. Monthly details of the property will be handled by the manager, who will submit the reports to you. Performance reviews need to be conducted every month with the manager, but all the duties combined wouldn’t take more than a few hours. Your monthly profits are deposited in your account.

2.      Increased Equity

Home prices in the U.S. have been rising for more than five decades. This would amount to a total increase of almost 98% over the last 20 years, bringing more traction to the industry for better revenue generation. Equity has, therefore, increased with significant development of the real properties to help the investors make more money from the available options.

3.      Leverages Boost Returns

Conservative options with down payment and mortgage are used by real estate investors at 75% to increase cash flow with the development of rental property portfolio. Other people’s money can be used with leverage to boost returns.

4.      Direct Control Over the Investments

The stock market facilitates multiple investment options, but all those allow you to put money to go through the hands of people you don’t know. By investing in real estate, you get complete control over the money. You will get to know when, how, and where the money is being invested.

Business Expenses

5.      Reduced Business Expenses

Many business expenses such as management fees, leasing costs, property taxes, repairs, and mortgage interests are fully deductible if you purchase using the best conservative leverage.


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