AV-30 3" Round Form-Factor Multi-Function PFD


AV-30 Overview

The AeroVonics AV-30 is a fully digital dual-mode attitude and direction indicator that replaces the corresponding legacy vacuum driven instruments in older general aviation aircraft.  Precision 3" performance for a fraction of the price.


  • Primary Attitude
  • Primary Slip
  • Primary Direction Indication
  • Probeless Angle Of Attack
  • Indicated Airspeed (KTS/MPH)
  • Altitude / Vertical Trend / Alerter
  • +8 / -8 G-Meter
  • OAT / TAS / Density Altitude
  • Bus Voltage
  • GPS Navigational Data Overlay
  • GPS HSI / 360 Rose / Arc Map Mode
  • Customizable Colors, Fonts, & Layout
  • Audio Alerts (AoA, G, Roll Limits)
  • 2 Hr Typical Internal Battery Operation


  • Legacy Autopilot Integration (APA-10 Adapter Box)
  • Low Cost STEC Autopilot Integration (APA-MINI)

When configured as an Attitude Indicator (AI), the AV-30 can replace the legacy stand-alone attitude indicator providing a solid-state presentation of roll, pitch and slip. When configured as a direction indicator (DG), it can replace the non-slaved directional gyro.

In both modes, supplemental data can be presented as graphical and textual overlays, fully configurable by the pilot. If interfaced to a compatible panel mount GPS navigator, GPS navigational data such as current waypoint, distance to waypoint, cross track error, and more can be overlaid, and direction can be slaved to GPS track. When interfaced to an OAT probe, temperature corrected air data and GPS navigation information can be displayed. 


In each mode, three separate pages can be setup by the pilot, allowing for various configurations for different flight phases or to customize the desired clutter level. A dedicated, fully decluttered page is provided in each display mode where all supplementary data fields can be turned off, leaving only the basic instrument presentation.


The AV-30 preserves the original look and feel by rear-mounting in the instrument panel thereby maintaining the circular nature of the indicator and eliminating the need to cut into existing instrument panel overlays.  The unit is highly customizable providing several UI styles and font selections allowing the pilot to select the desired look and feel.


When combined with the APA-10 AutoPilot Adapter, the AV-30 can interface to legacy autopilots (Cessna ARC series, Century Series and Bendix King).  See the overall architecture diagram provided in the photo gallery below.

A single APA-10 Adapter interfaces to dual AV-30's and provides attitude, heading/course datum to the autopilot, and supports flight director interface for KI-256 emulation. 


The APA-MINI is a small in-line adapter that allows the digital heading datum (heading bug) output by the AV-30 to be interfaced to STEC autopilots.  As the STEC does not required roll and pitch, this adapter is a lower cost version of the full featured APA-10.


Support for a remote magnetometer is designed into the system architecture, but will be available at a future date.  The APA-10 provides ARINC 429 capability, and will eventually support full HSI interface capability to a digital NAV radio.  FIS/TIS display capability (weather/traffic) interface is supported, but will be implemented in future software releases.


  • AV-30-E, Experimental (Available Now!)
  • AV-30-C, Certified via AML-STC, Stand-Alone, No Autopilot Integration (Late 2019)
  • APA-MINI, Heading Bug Interface Only (Early 2020)
  • APA-10, Full Autopilot Integration, Type Sequence TBD (Early/Mid 2020)
  • AV-30-C, Software Update: Full HSI / VLOC / ILS Feature Integration (Mid 2020)


  • AV-30-E, MSRP $1,595
  • AV-30-C, MSRP $1,595
  • APA-MINI, MSRP $399
  • APA-10, MSRP $799


Hundreds of pre-order production slots for both experimental and certified configurations have been taken.  If you are interested in reserving a position, you can do so on our store-front for $100.  The deposit will be deducted from purchase price and is fully refundable.  (Please reserve 2 if you are planning for both an AI and DG installation.)


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